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  • March 10, 2015


The Wearable Revolution is here

2015 – The Year of Wearable Technology
Last year definitely proved to be a major one for wearable technology, including smart watches, smart jewelry and fitness bands. Apple announced their upcoming watch and Samsung released a plethora of devices. Start-ups like Pebble and Misfit were introduced to the scene, trying to get a slice of the market alongside name brand players like Microsoft and Google. In fact, an estimated $52 million in sales was reached in 2014. So how will 2015 stack against the previous year?

According to The Guardian, the launching of wearable headphones that monitor and measures your heart’s electrical activity and sends the information to your smart phone is right around the corner. The Apple Watch is not the only thing to look forward to this year; a hair slide that can tell you how much ultraviolet exposure you’ve had on a hot summer’s day is also expected to launch this season as well.


In the previous season, the most popular application of wearable technology was fairly basic; for example, tasks included tracking how many steps a person had taken during the day or keeping record of how many calories a person had consumed. 2015 promises to drastically surpass the simplicity of wearable technology, according to experts. CNET predicts that by 2018, wearable shipments are expected to grow to over 112 million units, which is more than five times the 2014 amount. Smart glasses and virtual-reality headsets are on their way and trends like this are expected to increase sales.

Many believe that 2015 will be a key year for fitness-based wearable technology, as Google, Microsoft and Apple have been rigorously working on new health-focused platforms. Doctors have even taken notice and have been becoming increasingly impressed by the use of technology wearables to provide health information. According to Tech Republic, the CES Unveiled 2015 Expo in Las Vegas also shed the spotlight on a device that assists patients in managing chronic pain, neurological diseases and sleep disorders. An impressive wearable GPS tracker was introduced that can help parents locate a missing child. Siemens showcased a new hearing aid that enables a consumer to hear in cluttered environments like noisy restaurants and windy atmospheres.

CNET predicts that the big wigs may not be an enormous factor this year as smaller companies are expanding into the wearable arena and gaining impressive amounts of exposure for their creative products. The CES Unveiled Expo even created an entirely new section of the show to enhance a better environment for the smaller venues – the “Tech West” show.

Analysis provided by Statista show that 40 percent of consumers have shown interest in purchasing a smart watch; the Google Glass forecast is estimated to reach over 21 million units annually by 2018 and remote cardiac monitoring wearable technology will reach $867 million in sales by 2016. The estimate for how wearable technology will advance in sales overall is over $12 billion by 2018. With numbers like that, it’s a safe bet that wearable technology will be a major trend this year.

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