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Services provided: Design, Development

Year: 2014

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Discovery and Planning

Chapter 1

For the past 6 years we had the opportunity in becoming Dexcom's digital design and development partner. It all started with an effective e-mail campaign and evolved into a full re-brand, re-design and re-development implementation.

Being an innovative medical device company, a leader in wearable, we wanted to implement a responsive design strategy, but also help grow the company by implementing a mobile roadmap.

Specifications and Requirements

Chapter 2

Dexcom is a FDA regulated wearable technology company, meaning we had to adhere to a variety of rules and restrictions. Luckily for us, we had a great internal team to work with so while there were challenges, we ended up with a solid functional and requirements spec, which in turn ended up in a great end result.

Dexcom Specifications and Requirements

Creative Process

Chapter 3

We had a lot of freedom within the creative process - guided by Dexcom's marketing team we were able to express our vision for the company. Clean, simple and no fluff was the focus. While it is an ongoing process, we were honored to be part of such a fun but also important project.

Dexcom Creative Process


Chapter 4

We focused on Large Desktop, Small Desktop, Tablet and Iphone including several landscape resolutions, based on reviewing google analytics. Mobile traffic accounted for over 45% of total visitors per month, so a mobile design strategy was key. Strict code reviews prior to launching were the norm and ensured that our engineers paid attention to details.

Dexcom Development


Chapter 5

The end result is a mobile strategy with focus on their wearable technology. Dexcom - a true innovator in filed of diabetes.

Dexcom Conclusion

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