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Services provided: Development

Year: 2014

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Discovery and Planning

Chapter 1

For the past 5 years we have had the pleasure to work with Brian and Stephanie at Burton Snowboards. As a group or Mini Team we were able to design a beautiful UI and UX which stands out from all of the Action Sports brands.

It all starts with a solid discovery phase, lots of questions and interactive wireframes, information gathering on the functional specs and technical requirements.

Specifications and Requirements

Chapter 2

The Burton team wanted to do something different with Anon this year. Rather than selling Anon on the website, they wanted to go direct to consumer using Shopatron as the fulfillment house - we did this last year for Burton with the Analog Clothing Brand.

Anon Specifications and Requirements

Creative Process

Chapter 3

Burton provided us with art direction and creative assets. We had to create a working prototype with that lead to many revisions - as you know it's all in the details.

A challenge was to make sure that the fonts, pixel dimensions colors and interactivity was consistent across all defined resolutions.

Anon Creative Process


Chapter 4

While we were working within the final development version, we also had to tie in our Content Management System. A lot of the functionality such as the color boomed and riders journal was all dynamic.

In addition we had to integrate Adobes Scene 7 to pull all images and product shots from Burtons database. Lastly we also had to make sure that our CMS would reflect changes made on the back end directly into their Mobile App.

In addition, we focused on Large Desktop, Small Desktop, Tablet and iPhone including several landscape resolutions.

Anon Development


Chapter 5

The end-result is stunning visual eye-candy, innovative UI and unique design to stand out from the current action sport industry - an award winning brand and design strategy.

Anon Conclusion

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