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Services provided: Design, Development

Year: 2014

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Discovery and Planning

Chapter 1

Mars Supply is a company with a lot of history. Founded in 1924 to service the growing and emerging mining and timber industries in Minnesota, Mars Supply has maintained their personal touch and service overt the last 90 years.

As technology evolved Mars Supply realized that a new e-commerce and mobile strategy was necessary to compete with larger competitors.

Specifications and Requirements

Chapter 2

Magento Enterprise was the right solution for Mars Supply. By implementing a multi store platform we were able to upload over 500,000 SKU's, connect it to their internal wholesale distribution software P-21 and a multitude of third party modules, extensions and plugins.

Mars Supply Specifications and Requirements

Creative Process

Chapter 3

We wanted to maintain the brand identity, as it was very important to the family. We met in Minnesota and brainstormed how to implement a modern look and feel while maintaining the overall brand identity. Clean, intuitive and simple to use were the goals and objectives.

While we kept the main Magento templates intact, we custom designed the homepage for optimal conversions.

Mars Supply Creative Process


Chapter 4

We used Magento Enterprise's latest responsive templates to cover the mobile strategy. Built and installed on Nexcess robust hosting infrastructure ensured speed and load balance. We created several custom scripts and modules to address all of requirements in order for Mars Supply to operate properly.

Mars Supply Development


Chapter 5

A truly collaborative effort consisting of a variety of teams and individuals ensured that Mars Supply is well prepared for the next evolution in e-commerce and m-commerce.

Mars Supply Conclusion

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