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  • April 15, 2014


WordPress is perfect for your small business

When building websites back in the 90’s, we had to build every page from scratch. If something changed for one page, we had to make the change on every page. For larger sites, this was a nightmare. Maintenance was tedious and almost impossible to do by yourself. If you decided you wanted to change the design of your site, you basically had to throw out the old site and build a new one. Those companies that could keep web developers on retainer or fully employed, were subjected to the high cost of employing specialty skilled labor. As some technologies improved higher end programing made it easier to user certain pages across several pages of the site. This made maintenance easier, but you still had to have high skilled labor to make the changes. Some time in the early 2000’s we began to see Content Management Systems (CMS’) pop up. They were graphical interfaces that would allow non-website programmers get into their website and make changes to text and images. This was huge!

About the middle of the 2000’s a new type of software started to gain traction as a “blog” software. It was easy to use and did more than many of the more popular CMS’ systems out there for free! People liked it so much they started building websites with it. That software was called WordPress. Today, more than 20% of websites on the internet are created with WordPress. Why are so many websites created with WordPress and why should small businesses build their next website with WordPress?

WordPress Is Feature Packed

WordPress has so many features included right out of the box, you couldn’t possibly use them all. In fact, there is an imense plug-in library that you also can access for free. Plug-ins are like mini software programs that add incredible functionality to your site like photo gallery slideshows, contact forms, sharing and so much more. Oh and did you know that WordPress is also fully Reponsive? Yes, even the admin area where you make changes to your site can all be done from a smartphone or tablet. Incredible.

WordPress Is Secure

WordPress is updated in excess of three times per year. There are also several plugins that you can add to your site for free that will monitor your site 24/7, block intruders and email you when issues occur. When you are the most popular website building software in the world, it will get attention, so security has always been a top concern for the makers of WordPress.

WordPress Is Designed For Growth

WordPress has an incredible theme building community. Themes allow you to change the design and functionality of the site, without changing the underlying architecture and programming. This allows companies to stay with WordPress as their main content management system for, well, ever. When the time comes to redesign the site and you have to do is build a new theme. The cost savings are substantial.

WordPress Is Easy To Use

The makers of WordPress were clever. They set up the software so that the main areas that you interact with on a daily basis are either Posts or Pages. Once you get up and going, you may only need to interact with Posts. We typically give an hour of training when handing off a WordPress website, but most people don’t even need that. We always smile when clients finish our sentences with, “oh, I just click here, right?”

WordPress Is Well Supported

We always provide training for a clients website when it’s completed, but what happens if you have a question in the middle of the night? When you type in “WordPress Support” in Google, you get over 735 million results. There is no shortage of wordwide support for WordPress. One of the biggest fears of small businesses is that they won’t get help later with their website. Rest assured, most help is just a few clicks away. Typing in “How do I ____ with WordPress?” will give you more answers than you need.


By now you’ve read nothing but praise for WordPress. We not only think WordPress is a great website tool, we believe it’s great business. If you are a business watching the bottom line, you don’t want to invest in software for you company that will be obsolete in a couple of years or is not universally supported. With WordPress you eliminate those concerns and get a great tool that you can build your business on that scales with you as you grow.

Interested in WordPress for your small business? Ask us your questions. No strings attached. Contact us today!

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