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  • January 3, 2011


Samsung Developers Contest

Cofa Media is proud to announce the launch of the Samsung Widget Developers Camp contest. Cofa Media partnered with Online Marketing company Evisibilty and Public Relation Company MWW and designed the look and feel for the contest. The contest is geared towards the best mobile and web developers.

samsung contest

“It just show once again how we can work together as a team, eventhough all of us have different backgrounds. The Guys as Evisibility understand the web, so that makes things easy.” says Edwin Lap of Cofa Media.
“Evisbility are experts in contest creation and management. They know how to maximize conversions.”

Mobile and Web Developers will pull an all-nighter with Samsung Mobile in San Francisco at our first Widget Developer Camp! Beginning on September 12.

If you are interested and have the knowledge and know how, then please sign up at

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