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  • October 2, 2010


Cofa launches new website

New and exciting changes are happening at Cofa Media and we are excited to announce a couple of new innovations.

First we have launched our new website, which has a sleek and modern design to showcase our work and ourselves.

Who is Cofa Media? We felt our last site didn’t really portray who we REALLY are, so we went back to the drawing board and think we have come up with something we can all be proud of. You will find a better user experience and a better stage to showcase what we do, and how we do it.

Our team members are at the forefront of the industry in each of their fields. Passion and experience light the way for all that we do, by delivering the most efficient user experience and user interaction with highest ROI. We at Cofa Media are passionate and knowledgeable and specialize in Strategy, Design, Development and Marketing.

“We wanted to show off our work, but really show the people whom create, design and strategize on a daily basis. We have the best team and designers!”, says Edwin Lap, CEO of Cofa Media.

Our next exciting innovation is the launch of our mobile campaign.

-MOBILE REVOLUTIONZ. With the rapid increase of mobile technology, Cofa Media has partnered with Evisibility to offer great mobile designs at amazing rates. Having a mobile presence is now essential and any lack of it can cost millions. We are the solution.

Last but not least, our extensive experience with the best e Commerce Platform; well at least we think so, Magento Commerce

-Magento an ecommerce platform that only continues growing in usage, Cofa Media is an expert at customizing and using Magento to fulfill any design concept and strategy.

Cofa Media has a driving force behind it, our ideas are turned into reality, with the utmost passion and determination we will only continue to grow and improve.

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