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  • March 10, 2015


Amazing Web Development Conferences in 2015 Part 2

The world of web development continues to change as the latest trends are revealed. Many careers offer continuing education to further develop the necessary skills to remain on the cutting edge; anyone in the web development niche understands how important it is to stay on top of the game in the industry. An important component of maximizing your skill set is to participate in the many conferences that are geared at helping you gain new connections, reveal the changes that are occurring in the development arena and explore hundreds of vendors with the best new products available. It is probable that several of these conferences are in your area or close-by.



1. DrupalCon in Los Angeles, California – May 11-15
Take advantage of attending this conference in a city that is one of the most active areas in the world for Drupal. Hundreds of events are available annually, including Drupal Design Camp LA and GLADCamp. Family members will enjoy the area as well; close-by Disneyland, the Museum of Modern Art and the California Science Center are excellent places to visit.



2. Interaction 15 in San Francisco, California – February 8-11
According to their website, this conference offers three days of workshops and activities and highlights the past, present and future of interaction design. Some of the program topics include: “Keeping the Vision Alive: Techniques for Communication throughout the Project Lifestyle,” “Get Out of the Lab: Conducting User Research in Context” and “Jumping to the End: Practical Design Fiction at Google Creative Lab and Berg.”



3. The IA Summit in Minneapolis, Minnesota – April 22–26
This powerful conference helps enhance your skills by offering best-practice tips and shows you how to make the content you produce easier for others to locate and share. This is the 16th anniversary of the IA Summit and to celebrate, attendees will be able to engage in Happy Hour receptions, find new friendships at first-time dinners, enjoy Karaoke night with Keyboard Man and participate in the IAS Game Night.



4. UX Week in San Francisco, California – August 25-28
Design professionals attend this annual conference to find inspiration and build skills. This is the 12th anniversary of the UX and attendees from all over the world will learn about the newest tools available to enhance their skills.



5. Awwwards Conference and Prize-Giving in Barcelona, Spain – February 24-25
Professionals from all over the world will be inspired during this awards event that highlights the best web designers and agency’s talents and efforts. The conference promotes designers who seek to make the internet a more beautiful place. Attendees will enjoy debates, be able to share their experience with others and receive practical critiques. Some of the topics featured are: “Responsive Web Typography,” “Designing with Chrome DevTools,” “Responsive Web Design: Clever Tips and Techniques” and “Designing for Performance.”



6. BOLO Conference in Scottsdale, Arizona – October 19-21
BOLO merges thought-leaders and change-makers to bring the newest advances in the industry to attendees. The event features expert speakers, enhances connections and offers the promise of a “helluva good time.”

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