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beneficial platform for shopping sites with much to offer

Magento is trusted by millions of brands across the world and has enjoyed its status as the number one choice of e-commerce platform for the last four years running. With 26% market share it dwarfs its closest competitors drastically. Even when compared to several very popular ecommerce options such as Woocommerce, Volusion and Bigcommerce there is no close match in regards to functionality, customization and value you gain from using the ecommerce platform to develop on.

Magento for

To understand why Magento Development is popular, it's necessary to look at its key strengths. Firstly Magento is extremely powerful and flexible. Its ability to handle complex tasks and to be integrated into existing systems makes it an ideal choice for any growing business.

Another key reason for Magento's popularity is that it's extremely customizable. With a huge number of fantastic plugins and the ability to customize the look and functionality of your website via the admin panel, Magento gives site owners everything that could ask for.

And the list continues…

  • Integrated shopping carts for international language,
    currency and usage
  • Built for Mobile Devices to ensure your website reaches all
    audiences efficiently


Community Edition &
Enterprise Edition

If you’ve already decided on Magento development services, it's important to think about your businesses' strategy and needs. While both the Community Edition and Enterprise Edition of Magento share the same base, Enterprise edition comes with a set of advanced features. The Enterprise edition is fully supported by the Magento team as well as coming with a longer support life cycle.

Not sure about which Magento platform to use?


Community is the free to download version of Magento that many new and growing business choose. It comes with full support from the huge Magento community and is
ideally suited for smaller businesses that don't have the need for deep customization and advanced features. Cofa Media recommends Community for mid-market merchants seeking looking to stay in control over their web presence, leveraging various extensions and with some form of code customization.


The Enterprise Edition of Magento is more suited for businesses with greater need for advanced features and who require the support of the Magento team. Keep in mind 94% of all inquiries are solved on the first call, sometimes just having a conversation can clarify and issues emails cannot. As a San Diego Magento Developer, Cofa Media offers incredible support locally but also deals with international strategy meetings. We have the experience to conceptualize your vision but for clients with additional in-house web support
working with the Magento team is also a sound decision. This can amplify or supplement your technical support while learning more about updated features provided by
Magento. With complete control over mobile devices as it is designed around you get your full value with Magento Enterprise.

Extensions / Plugins

What they can do for your online store?

Magento extensions can benefit your online store in a number of ways. Through the use of SEO extensions, you can ensure that your site is optimized for keywords that are relevant to your industry. Blogging extensions will allow you to create a connection with your customers and update your site regularly with engaging
content. There are also a lot of extensions that will improve the overall look of your site.

As Magento is an open source community this means there are several thousand Magento Developers consistently enhancing the usability, functions and extensions offered by the platform. Chances are if you are having an issue that needs a simplified, automated solution there may already be an extension to implement. If not, Cofa Media has vast experience finding the adequate solution, delegating to our development team and testing/customization specific to our clients, just ask!

Need Magento modules?

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San Diego
Magento Design & Development

Below are the key components why Cofa Media chooses Magento e-commerce:

  • Good User Experience Design

    A good user experience is absolutely vital for
    e-commerce sites. If your site doesn't enable visitors to find what they're looking for quickly and easily then they'll simply go elsewhere.

  • User Interface Design

    Good user interface design means having your site optimised for all devices including mobiles and
    tablets. Magento is a very strong platform to use for good user interface.

  • Conversion Optimization

    A great e-commerce website is one that converts. High conversion rates come from great design, great content and an intuitive user interface.