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We team up with Anon to get them ready for winter
once again. This time for all devices.

Chapter 1

Discovery and Planning

For three years, Cofa Media collaborated with the creative team at Burton Snowboards to create a user experience (UX) that stood out from all of the action sports brands.

The project started by establishing business and user goals. We used interactive wireframes to create the UX from the beginning, so that we were confident about usability throughout the process. From this discovery phase, we determined that a responsive site was the way to set Burton apart from the competition and showcase its leadership in the action sports industry.

Chapter 2

Specifications and Requirements

Burton’s was to be one of the first responsive designed sites in their industry. We developed the site for five main breakpoints, with the ability to adopt additional resolutions on the fly.

Chapter 3

Creative Process

Burton provided the art direction and creative assets; Cofa Media created a working prototype, and together, we worked through many revisions to get the style exactly right.

At the same time, we ensured that the fonts, pixel dimensions, colors, and interactivity were consistent across all defined resolutions, making the site truly responsive to different media types.

Chapter 4


During development, we also tied in a Content Management System, created dynamic functionality, integrated Adobes Scene 7 to pull all images and product shots from Burton’s database, and ensured that the CMS would also manage content in their mobile app.

We tested on iPhone 4s, Samsung Galaxy, Nook Tablet, and iPad version 2 and 3.

Chapter 5


Anon Optics

The end-result is stunning; the combination of Burton’s incredible design strategy and our innovative UX makes the site stand out from the action sport industry on all devices, from desktop to mobile, and helped increase sales.

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